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Coin ATM Finder integration API

Terms of use

Coin ATM Finder API is free to use in all your projects. As a favor we want you to give a back link saying Coin ATM Finder Bitcoin ATM map. Alongside we also want you to send us a note about your project where you will use our information and how you are going to use this data in your project.  The information which is provided by our API won't frequently change, so don't call it frequently anywhere. However there is no specific limit on this, generally, once or twice every day should be good enough. In the case of high load, the site administration is instructed to restrict access to the API.


All information shared or provided is as it is collected from different public sources. There may be few instances that contain errors. By any chance, the administration of Coin ATM Finder is not responsible for any losses or damages caused because of the incorrectness of data provided.

The information may be changed or updated when any new updates or new information is available. Based on which our team will come up with changes in the section to help you know important facts. For any new Bitcoin ATM installation it will take the same time to get updated, soon we receive confirmation our team updates.

Project support

Coin ATM Finder is coming up with a unique concept that will help you to locate and find every detail about different Bitcoin ATMs installed at every corner. We are keeping this site updated with all latest information and details. If you find this site or API in general useful, we will urge you to donate. Our address is provided below, or you can email us for further information.

Bitcoin ATM locations API

API address: https://www.coinatmfinder.com/CoimATMs-API.php

In general Bitcoin ATM locations, API signify information about all known or available Bitcoin ATM installations as well as other digital currency ATMS across the globe. BY default API returns all ATMs that are installed in the past 30 days' time. All information extraction period can be defined using additional parameters date_from and date_to. Ensure that the dates are provided in the format YYYY-MM-DD. There are different ways to call the API:


The response is in the JSON format.

lat — denotes the latitude of the Bitcoin ATM and other digital currency ATM locations

long — denotes the longitude of the Bitcoin ATM and other digital currency ATM locations

type — denotes the cryptocurrency ATM producer name

is_twoway — denotes the flag representing if the Bitcoin ATM supports buying and selling cryptocurrency (1), or else it supports only digital currency buy option (0)

cryptos — denotes supported cryptocurrencies

url — denotes the link to the page having full details


For any further information about Bitcoin ATM machines, feel free to contact us anytime.


Bitcoin ATMs number API

API address: https://www.coinatmfinder.com/CoimATMs-API.php

Bitcoin ATM number API denotes the information about the total number of available or known Bitcoin ATM installation around the world in present day time.

Note: While implementing chronology always remember that Bitcoin ATMs may be updated with past installation date.

The response is in the JSON format with the following fields:

num — denotes the number of installed as well as active Bitcoin ATMs all around the globe.

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