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Details of the machine

  • Operator’s name: Bitcoin of America
  • Call: 888-502-5003
  • Email:
  • Location Name: MR. Nice Guy (Olive Blvd)
  • ATM Address:

    8506 Olive Blvd, 63132, Saint Louis, United States

  • Open Hours:

    Daily 10 AM to 10 PM

  • Limits & verifications:

    1-$1999 per transaction
    $7500 daily limit per person

Bitcoin is now the most important thing in the market, its making news every day for its growing popularity. The price of Bitcoin increased considerably in the last few years, and this clearly shows the growing popularity of it among users. In the past couple of years Bitcoin reached new heights, credit grows to its potential and unique concept. Many Bitcoin operators are coming up with BTM machines installed in different parts of the country. Bitcoin of America is a trusted brand in the business with a chain of kiosks in the United States. MR. Nice Guy Bitcoin Kiosk is one popular location and getting huge response from digital currency buyers.

Bitcoin of America believes in selecting prime locations for BTM kiosks. MR. Nice Guy Bitcoin Kiosk is also in a prime location which is garnering the attention of digital currency enthusiasts from surrounding places. Locating our BTM kiosks are easy now; get direction from your Smartphone just by entering the name of the place. Bitcoin of America is a reliable and popular BTM operator with years of experience at the back. If you are in St Louis, use our MR. Nice Guy Bitcoin Kiosk for fast and secure transactions. Bitcoin of America is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and this makes us the best in this field.

We are coming up with installations in all popular places around the country. Bitcoin of America carries our survey and accordingly selects the location. MR. Nice Guy Bitcoin Kiosk is at 8506 Olive Blvd, St. Louis. We came up with installation in this place so that more users get benefitted. In days to come, we are planning to add more new kiosks to our network. MR. Nice Guy Bitcoin Kiosk is available every day between 10 AM to 10 PM. Visit our kiosks anytime in-between the mentioned time and enjoy hassle-free way of buying digital currencies.

Bitcoin is the new concept which is expected to rule the financial world in days to come. Are you eager to buy Bitcoins? Use our MR. Nice Guy Bitcoin Kiosk and save huge on transaction fees with every purchase. To promote digital currencies, we are giving higher limits and easy access to Bitcoin users. To make the most of this opportunity buy cryptocurrencies from MR. Nice Guy Bitcoin Kiosk now!   

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