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Details of the machine

  • Operator’s name: Bitcoin of America
  • Call: 8885025003
  • Email:
  • Location Name: Convenient Food Mart
  • ATM Address:

    4828 State Road, 44109, Illinois, United States

  • Open Hours:

    7 AM to 1 AM Daily

  • Website:

  • Limits & verifications: $1 - 1999 per transaction $7500 daily limit per person

In today's date, Bitcoin is the best thing to have happened, it allows users to shop online or offline without paying government tax whatsoever. Since its introduction Bitcoin has come a long way, it's now easily accessible through BTM kiosks and online exchanges around the globe. The United States of America is leading the competition with a maximum number of BTM kiosks installed around the globe. Every day new installations are taking place at some corner, its helping digital currency users get fast access to Bitcoins. This new currency system is decentralized and brings for users list of benefits, reason why its popularity is increasing globally.

Bitcoin of America is a popular BTM operator in the country with over thirty machines installed till day. Convenient Food Mart Bitcoin ATM is one of our newly added machines which allow you to buy Bitcoins with nominal transaction fees. Convenient Food Mart Bitcoin ATM is located at 4828 State Rd Cleveland. Seeing the craze among digital currency users we are coming up with numerous installations in major cities. From our websites store locator option, you can easily find out nearest BTM kiosks.

Convenient Food Mart Bitcoin ATM can be accessed any day from 7 AM to 1 AM. All our BTM kiosks allow you to withdraw $7500 per day. Our aim is to promote the use of digital currency around the country; hence you are giving you the chance to buy Bitcoins at a negligible exchange rate. Locate Bitcoin of America BTM in any major city and enjoy a whole new experience of buying Bitcoins. With installations like Convenient Food Mart Bitcoin ATM in major cities, we are making it easier and safer for digital currency users.

With our Convenient Food Mart Bitcoin ATM people of any age group can buy Bitcoins, it's easy and fast. So if you live in or are traveling to the beautiful city of Cleveland, use our Convenient Food Mart Bitcoin ATM. We are always there to serve you; our dedicated support team is available 24x7 to address all your issues. Our top-notch customer service will certainly amaze you.


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