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Details of the machine

  • Operator’s name: Bitcoin of America
  • Call: 1-888-502-5003
  • Email: support@bitcoinofamerica.org
  • Location Name: Tyson Citgo Gas
  • ATM Address:

    7001 Castor Avenue, 19149, Philadelphia, United States

  • Open Hours:


  • Website:


  • Limits & verifications: $1 - 1999 per transaction $7500 daily limit per person

Bitcoin is now the biggest sensation which is grabbing the attention of common people from across the globe. It's a popular digital currency which has the potential to replace all traditional currencies. Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and now it has reached peak position as people from all sections are eager to invest. Several online trading platforms and BTM kiosks are coming up which makes buying and selling digital currency easy. Bitcoin of America is a popular name in the business with years of experience, we have an online trading platform and several BTM kiosks installed around the country.

The craze for Bitcoin has increased considerably in the last few years, to match user demand Bitcoin of America is installing kiosks in many places around the United States. Our recently added kiosk is Tyson Citgo Gas Bitcoin ATM. We believe in selecting prime locations for all BTM kiosks so that you can access it anytime; Tyson Citgo Gas Bitcoin ATM is also centrally located. Tyson Citgo Gas Bitcoin ATM is at 7001 Castor Avenue Philadelphia, open 24/7.  If you are around or passing by that place feel free to use Tyson Citgo Gas Bitcoin ATM anytime.

Like all Bitcoin of America BTMs, Tyson Citgo Gas Bitcoin ATM also allows you to buy digital currencies fast and hassle-free using any conventional currency. Bitcoin of America believes in providing best deals when purchasing Bitcoins, with all our BTM kiosks you will be charged zero to nominal transaction fees. Why are you still waiting? Locate Tyson Citgo Gas Bitcoin ATM on your GPS and visit our newly added kiosk today. Bitcoin is getting a huge response around the country, Bitcoin of America feels proud to introduce people to this new digital currency.

Bitcoin of America is planning to add many new cities to the network, Philadelphia is also now covered. We recently added Tyson Citgo Gas Bitcoin ATM allows users to buy digital currencies up to $7500 per day using any conventional currency. Switch to this new world of possibilities which will rule the future, Tyson Citgo Gas Bitcoin ATM promises to make exchanges fast and easy. 

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