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Details of the machine

  • Operator’s name: Bitcoin of America
  • Call: 1-888-502-5003
  • Email:
  • Location Name: University Exxon Gas
  • ATM Address:

    3101 N Broad Street, 19132, Philadelphia, United States

  • Open Hours:


  • Website:

  • Limits & verifications: $1 - 1999 per transaction $7500 daily limit per person

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency of recent times, trading it is easy through online exchanges and BTM kiosks installed around the world. Digital currency enthusiasts are eager to buy Bitcoins, online trading sites and BTM kiosks are making the task easier. Bitcoin of America is a reputed trading platform and BTM operator in the United States with over forty kiosks installed to date. University Exxon Gas Bitcoin ATM is our recently added BTM kiosk. Bitcoin of America is trying to make a presence in all popular cities around the country.

Over the years the craze for digital currency is increasing, Bitcoin of America understands the need and hence we are making new installations around the country. University Exxon Gas Bitcoin ATM is centrally located at 3101 N Broad St Philadelphia; use this newly added kiosk to enjoy a fast and secure way of buying digital currencies. With all our BTM kiosks we charge zero to nominal transaction fees which makes it easy for new digital currency users. Use our University Exxon Gas Bitcoin ATM to experience a hassle-free way of buying Bitcoins.

The craze for Bitcoin is increasing every day, through University Exxon Gas Bitcoin ATM you will get fast and easy access to digital currencies. Bitcoin of America BTMs is all centrally located which makes accessing kiosk easy. We have installed many kiosks across the country for user convenience. If you are in Philadelphia we have recently added several kiosks in the area, University Exxon Gas Bitcoin ATM is one such. For easy access University Exxon Gas Bitcoin ATM is open 24/7.

Bitcoin of America online trading platform allows you to buy or sell digital currencies at ease. Our BTM kiosks allow buying of Bitcoin fast and that too at zero to nominal exchange fees. Locate University Exxon Gas Bitcoin ATM now from your Smartphone and use it to buy digital currencies at ease. Here at University Exxon Gas Bitcoin ATM, you can withdraw $7500 per day. For fast and secure buying of Bitcoin in Philadelphia, University Exxon Gas Bitcoin ATM is the best option. When are you visiting?


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