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Details of the machine

  • Operator’s name: Bitcoin of America
  • Email:
  • Location Name: Arco
  • ATM Address:

    251 W. Manchester, 90003, Los Angeles, United States

  • Open Hours:


  • Limits & verifications:

    1-$1999 per transaction
    $7500 daily limit per person

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency making news all over the world. In the last few months, the price of Bitcoin increased considerably making it popular around the globe. This sudden increase in Bitcoin price is getting the attention of millions around the world. People from different places are using Bitcoins to buy products and services. What's exciting about this digital currency is that many top companies and e-commerce sites are accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. In today's time using digital currencies are beneficial; enthusiasts are using it for day to day transactions.

We at Bitcoin of America are installing BTM kiosks in prime locations around the United States. As of date, we have over 60 BTM machines installed in various places. In Los Angeles, we have several BTM machines, and this one, in particular, is in Arco Bitcoin ATM. Digital currency users can locate this BTM kiosk and get access to digital currencies at ease. Use this Bitcoin kiosk to buy digital currencies for all online as well as offline transactions. Since its inception, Bitcoin came a long way and now it is considered to be the best alternative to conventional currencies.

Bitcoin of America understands your need and hence installing kiosks at several places around the country. In Los Angeles, we have kiosks in many places; the one at Arco Bitcoin ATM is centrally located to give access to all digital currency users. We are planning to add more BTM locations in days to come; this will make sure you get easy access to buy Bitcoin anytime and from anywhere. Bitcoin of America is committed to providing a sufficient number of BTM machines around the country. Arco Bitcoin ATM is situated at 251 W. Manchester, Los Angeles; we are available here 24x7.

Arco Bitcoin ATM is centrally located, and we have ensured there are sufficient parking arrangements outside the store. With this BTM machine, we are offering higher limits and charging low exchange fees. Digital currency users get $7500 daily limit per person. Over these years our user base is increasing, to meet the demand our team is working hard in the best possible manner. Use Arco Bitcoin ATM to buy digital currencies safely and securely.  

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