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Details of the machine

  • Operator’s name: Bitcoin of America
  • Call: 1-888-502-5003
  • Email: support@bitcoinofamerica.org
  • Location Name: BP Gas Station
  • ATM Address:

    1100 S Hanover St, 21230, Baltimore, United States

  • Open Hours:


  • Website:


  • Limits & verifications: $1 - 1999 per transaction $7500 daily limit per person

Wanting to buy Bitcoins? Wondering where to buy? It can be confusing for the first time to figure out where and how to buy Bitcoins, that's the reason why Bitcoin of America is in a mission to bring digital currencies to you, easily and safely. The demand for Bitcoin is increasing every day, Bitcoin ATM makes it easy to buy or sell Bitcoins. Bitcoin of America provides digital currency users easy and safe way to buy Bitcoins through BTM kiosks. We have BTM machines installed all around the United States for your convenience.

Are you looking for BTM machines in Baltimore? We have BTM machine at BP Gas Station on 1100 S Hanover St Baltimore. Just like all our BTM machines, this particular BP Gas Station BTM kiosk is also centrally located for your easy access. Our BTM machines allow digital currency users the option to buy or sell Bitcoins hassle-free and quickly. Bitcoin of America is dedicated to customer satisfaction, when you buy Bitcoins using our BP Gas Station Bitcoin machine you are charged minimal transaction fees. If you are in Baltimore, use BP Gas Station BTM machine, it's easy and centrally located.

Bitcoin is getting a huge response from around the world, especially in this part of the world. Bitcoin of America feels product to introduce people to this innovative digital currency. Seeing huge response in all our BTM machines we are planning to install more BTM Machines around the country. If you are around Baltimore, BP Gas Station Bitcoin ATM is not too far, you can easily access our BTM kiosk 24x7. We have arranged sufficient parking arrangements and facilities for all our customers use our BTM machines to enjoy a hassle-free way of buying Bitcoins.

Our BP Gas Station Bitcoin ATM is located at 1100 S Hanover St Baltimore. With BP Gas Station Bitcoin ATM you can withdraw $7500 per day per person. Use Bitcoin of America BTM machines for a whole new experience, it's easy to use and available in all prime cities around the country. Visit BP Gas Station Bitcoin ATM today and share your experience with us! 

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