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Details of the machine

  • Operator’s name: Bitcoin of America
  • Email: support@bitcoinofamerica.org
  • Location Name: Speedy Mart
  • ATM Address:

    4736 Sullivant Ave, 43228, Columbus, United States

  • Open Hours:


  • Limits & verifications:

    1-$1999 per transaction
    $7500 daily limit per person

Bitcoin started its journey almost a decade ago in 2009, finally, after so many years its use and acceptance are increasing every day. Though a good percentage of people are still unaware of this concept but slowly people will realize the power of cryptocurrency. Many individuals are hailing Bitcoin as the future currency which comes with amazing features and benefits. In this short span of time Bitcoin has created a huge impact, that day is not far when cryptocurrencies will start replacing national currencies. Are you eagerly waiting for that day?

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency which can be used across all countries, it's easy to use and secure compared to traditional currencies. Bitcoin of America is amongst the leaders in this business, we have over 60 BTM machines installed at different areas across the United States. We bring crypto users both BTM kiosks and online trading platform, select one suitable and purchase Bitcoins at the lowest possible exchange rate. Our crypto exchange rate is the lowest in the country; visit any of our BTM to check the difference. 

Bitcoin of America has installed several BTM kiosks; Speedy Mart Bitcoin ATM is our new addition supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether. Our newly added Speedy Mart Bitcoin ATM is located at 4736 Sullivant Ave, Columbus. Type the address on your GPS or use our store locator to get easy direction. Speedy Mart Bitcoin ATM is open 24x7 and buyers can withdraw $7500 per day. Crypto users in the country prefer BTMs; Bitcoin of America realizes the need hence installing kiosks at different locations around the country. Like Speedy Mart Bitcoin ATM we are coming up with several new installations in coming days.

Bitcoin of America is continuously adding new BTMs to the network; Speedy Mart Bitcoin ATM is our recent installation at Columbus. For all crypto users in and around Columbus Bitcoin of America has a new machine, visit our Speedy Mart Bitcoin ATM today and share your buying experience. We are constantly trying to enhance crypto buying experience, buyers feedback will help us improve and deliver on our promises.


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