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With Bitcoin ATMs or Tellers sending money is now easier and hassle free. Send money to your near and dear ones abroad anytime at a very low price. The process is:

  • Sender locates a Bitcoin ATM near to his or her place and buys Bitcoin in exchange of Cash.
  • The sender sends Bitcoin to his or her friend abroad.
  • Recipient on getting Bitcoin sells it for cash from any Bitcoin ATM machine at ease.

Isn't it amazing and hassle free way of sending money? In this age of technology can you get any faster service than this?

What's more interesting about the whole thing is that it is not mandatory for the recipient to know much about this new digital currency. He or she can initiate the transaction, make and send a picture of the QR code to the sender. Now on getting the QR code sender can use this address to send currency directly. In such cases, the recipient will simply get cash out from the Bitcoin machine. They don't need to have any software or wallet installed on their smartphone. Can it get simpler than this?

Here in this section, we are bringing for you a list of tellers or machines with available price information. No matter where you want to send money, select the right option below, and currency gets transferred in a quick stance of time and at a very low price. With this list, you can locate some of the cheapest Bitcoin machines or tellers as per your need.

Have you used Bitcoin Tellers or Bitcoin ATMs to make remittance? Share with us your experience, and we will share this experience with others in our portal.

Disclaimer: The below-mentioned list is provided on the basis of public information, make sure you check limits as well as fees on both sides before initiating any transaction.  

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