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BATMThree XXL+: Reviews and Features

  • November 20, 2017

General Bytes is among the popular and reputed ATM manufacturers in the world. There are many places where General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machines are installed. Seeing the demand, General Bytes came up with their new model named BATMThree XXL+, and it is available in many places.

The latest Bitcoin ATM machine from General Bytes is named BATMThree XXL+ and as the name suggests it is currently the largest Bitcoin ATM in BATM range. Here in this particular article, we will cover all important details and features of BATMThree XXL+.

Key features of this new model

Bitcoin ATM market is increasing rapidly, and it is becoming important for Bitcoin ATM manufacturers to come up with some different ideas or concepts so that they can serve more and more people. As per the manufacturing team of General Bytes, the all new BATMThree XXL+ model is known to have some amazing innovations, and it will help both operators as well as Bitcoin ATM users. They also believe this new features will help the brand to get an edge over other ATM manufacturers in the market. The all new BATMThree XXL+ model is deeper and bigger than other Bitcoin machines in the business. Users can easily spot the different from its image online; it will grab the attention of Bitcoin users.

Here are some of the Key features of BATMThree XXL+ model:

  • This particular BATMThree XXL+ model is known to have a huge bill acceptor with cash box for around 2200 banknotes.
  • The model features a bill dispenser having a capacity of around 1000 banknotes (2×500).
  • This Bitcoin ATM machine is compatible and flexible with any blockchain based on Cryptocurrency using the open source extension.
  • BATMThree XXL+ model comes with additional internal keypad locking facilities. It is one basic requirement for automatic collection by armored money transport services.
  • BATMThree XXL+ model features large internal safe which is having similar quality as well as style to that of all traditional fiat ATM units. This particular feature ensures secure storage of all currencies or bank notes.
  • BATMThree XXL+ model uses same General Bytes software which is similar to other Bitcoin ATM models in the BATM series. This platform ensures simplified remote management, ATM fleet management, reporting, monitoring as well as ATM software upgrades.
  • BATMThree XXL+ model contains NFC technology which helps in contactless wallet solutions as well as cryptocurrency payment.

With so many new features BATMThree XXL+ model makes an ideal choice for many Bitcoin ATM manufacturers around the globe. Share your views about this new Bitcoin ATM.

New Device for Fast Transaction


The all new General Bytes model was launched last year, and BATMThree XXL+ is the 5th model in the Bitcoin ATM series. Many smart features are coming up with this model which is making it an ideal choice among many Bitcoin operators. The all new BATMThree XXL+ model features safe and coded lock. This particular model can stock up to 3200 bank notes that can help you save precious time on emptying and refilling ATM units at a certain location. This makes Bitcoin model an ideal choice for Bitcoin ATM operators with a geographically dispersed network. The inbuilt safe ensures proper storage, as well as the code lock on the safe, helps in servicing.

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