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Benefits of Hosting Bitcoin ATM Machine at your Store

  • July 23, 2017

With the advancement of technology and innovation, there are many new concepts coming up in the market, electronic forms of making payment are becoming popular in many places. Bitcoin is one innovation which is helping millions to make payments online and top business groups from around the world are accepting it. Using cash payments for a trading purpose is past now; this age is of electronic payment, and it brings you wide range of benefits and features. From the comfort of home, you can buy or sell Bitcoins using your mobile phone. Isn’t it exciting? Bitcoin is now one of the best alternatives to cash payments, and millions are using it around the world.

Bitcoins are undoubtedly one of the technological revolutions which have enabled many countries to benefit from this new technology. Following this new technological innovation, many countries are progressing to this age of digital economy where you can carry out transactions using smartphone and tablet. Millions are excited about this new technology, and it is currently evolving as the best alternative to traditional currency system. Bitcoin ATM machines are coming up in many places around the globe and transactions are increasing every day. Thanks to these modern day Bitcoin ATM Machines which is making it easy for Bitcoin users and seeing that demand many business owners are hosting Bitcoin ATM machines in their store or shops.

Bitcoin ATMs: Difference from normal cash machines

Bitcoin is an electronic currency which only exists in digital form. As it is digital, there are no cash withdrawals. But with traditional cash machines, you can get currency at ease. Bitcoin ATM machines are all web based platforms giving Bitcoin users the opportunity to convert money to this new digital currency and vice versa. Many new latest Bitcoin ATM machines are coming up where you can both buy as well as sell Bitcoins. However buying Bitcoin option is quite popular but many are seen selling it too through BTM kiosks.

Bitcoin ATM Machine

Another basic difference between the two currency is that Bitcoin ATM machines require two-factor authentication. The first step is confirming your mobile number via SMS code and following that you need to use identity via face scan or fingerprint scanner. With traditional Bank ATMs, you need to enter ATM pin, and you can carry out transactions at ease.

Bitcoin process helps in transferring money fast and easy. It is undoubtedly fast and affordable compared to the traditional banking system. But users who are buying Bitcoins using bank accounts complained of hard times and reported about their frustration due to a long process. Alongside there are delays of funds arriving and high transfer fees.

Credit and debit cards incur huge charges and take into count that not all companies are accepting this because of fraudulent chargeback risks. This is the main reason why most consumers try hard to find Bitcoin ATM so that they can facilitate their transactions in a hassle free manner.

Many Bitcoin ATM machines are coming up around the town and hosting Bitcoin machine at stores or shops is becoming a common trend. Many business owners are seen hosting BTM kiosks at their stores, and this brings them a huge range of benefits. Here are some:

Bringing more customer to your shop or store

Want more traffic to your shop or store? How about hosting a Bitcoin ATM machine? The growing demand for this new digital currency is known to all, and now it is found that hosting Bitcoin ATM machines help in grabbing the attention of customers to a great extent. With time there is a huge expansion of Bitcoin awareness and people from different places are researching on this new currency. Now when you host Bitcoin ATMs at your store there will be enthusiasts coming up to enquire about this new currency. Often you can find users asking how to buy this currency and what it is.

Bitcoin ATM Machine

With time you will realize that many new customers are coming up because of Bitcoin alongside the regular ones. Think of this as an added advantage for your business and they will prefer your store to buy other necessary items. Adding Bitcoin ATM will help your sales to increase, and with time you will find more traffic. Many businesses are seen getting benefited by hosting Bitcoin ATM machine.

Convenient stores to be exact will be of great advantage in attracting customers with in-store Bitcoin ATMs. We have researchers that support that customers prefer to use Bitcoin ATMs in all convenient locations. Are you a Departmental store owner or a Gas Station owner? Take our word, with time you will see a definite increase in customers than before just by installing a simple Bitcoin ATM machine.

Building your Business Reputation

Bitcoin ATM Machine

With easily accessible BTM kiosk in your shop or store, customers will feel convenient to use your store, and with time this will help your business reputation to grow. Moreover having one will show that you are committed to developing the business and slowly this will build trust with your customers. Slowly with time people around your store will feel confident thereby helping your store reputation and sales to increase.

With so much on offer, think of hosting a Bitcoin ATM machine at your store. What say?

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