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  • August 10, 2017

5 Merits of Bitcoin that you should know

Most modern day individuals are aware of the term Bitcoin, but only a few have a clear idea of this new concept. Bitcoin is a peer to peer currency system which is designed to give all online users the ability to process transactions. In simple words, it is a virtual currency which can be used like other exchanges at ease. There are online portals where you can use Bitcoin calculator usd and get the current price before buying. This system was introduced in the market way back in the year 2009, and since then it garnered huge attention from enthusiasts around the globe.

Digital currency is a new and growing concept which is slowly getting introduced in the financial market. There are five distinct benefits over conventional flat currencies. Here are the most important points:

No Taxation

The first and most important thing about this digital currency is no taxation. When you are making purchases using dollars, euros or other currencies, certain percentages have to be paid as a government tax. But when you are making purchases with this new currency, sales taxes are not added to the purchase value. This is one best and legal way of evading tax, major advantage why millions are opting for it globally.

Flexible Payments

It is an online payment system and like any other online system users gets the luxury of buying it from any corner of the globe with an internet connection. This means you can sit in your drawing room and purchase coins without taking the pain of traveling to a store or specific bank and get the work done. What’s more interesting about online payment is that you don’t have to fill up details about personal information.

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Minimal Fees

Exchange costs are part and parcel of international purchases. Bitcoin is one currency which is not moderated or monitored by any government agency. All costs of the transaction are kept low, unlike transactions that are made by conventional currencies. What’s more advantageous about this currency is that transactions are not known to be time-consuming. It involves no complication of waiting or typical authorization requirements.

Hidden User Identity

All transactions done with Bitcoins are discreet, or in simple words, it gives you the option to keep user anonymity. It is similar to any other cash, transactions can’t be tracked back, and purchases are never linked to your identity. All Bitcoin addresses that are created for users are never the same for any two transactions. Users who want to reveal or publish their identity can do that, but in most cases, users try to keep identities secret.

No outside interferences

Another advantage of Bitcoin is that it effectively eliminates third party interferences. This means, banks, financial organizations, and governments have no authority to disrupt any transaction or freeze any account. It is a system which is based on peer to peer system. This gives every user the liberty to make purchases with Bitcoins than using other national currencies. Use Bitcoin calculator usd and make your purchase online!


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