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  • August 10, 2017

Know Bitcoin machine price before starting your business

The number of BTM machines or digital money ATMs around the world is growing every day. Many new investors are eying up this opportunity and entering the industry. In order to start BTM business, there are many aspects to consider. There are some risks and BTM machine price you need to consider. The main investment is in the ATM machine and website that allows you to track BTM locations. Finding a suitable location for your BTM machine is also important. Prime locations should be targeted so that you can grab the attention of potential buyers from around the country. A profitable BTM kiosk is the one which is readily available for common users and is within reach.

Starting your own business

Bitcoin ATM business is definitely a good venture, and many investors are eyeing this opportunity. But before you start this venture there are some important things to consider. The location, online currency machine, opening hours and type of business are all important things to take into consideration. Pizzerias, departmental stores, and restaurants are the most popular locations for this new venture. Off late many new kiosks are coming up around the United States, thanks to growing popularity of this new currency. At present, there are 1238 machines installed around the globe, out of which 627 are in the United States.

Bitcoin Machine Price

Transaction volume

According to market experts, a successful BTM kiosks will help in bringing $30,000 volume of the transaction on an average every month. On the lower end of scale few operators reported in bringing $20,000 to $25,000 per Bitcoin machine. There are few machines which are reporting up to $100,000 per machine. Lots of factors matter when you are planning to start such businesses. Location, availability, and facilities on offer can help in getting the attention of many smartphone users. A good location having enough visibility and promotion done on the internet can assist you in finding a volume of $30,000 at ease. The revenue per Bitcoin machine depends on the overall fee charged by an operator. At present, the average fee charged is around 8.5 % for buying digital currencies and 5.5 % for selling according to few online sources.

The Costs

There are many new brands of Bitcoin ATM machines coming up in the market; each has its unique features and specialties. Before buying BTM machine, you need to take into consideration requirements and budget. At present, the price of digital currency machines ranges from $775 to $14,500 for two-way models. There are some both two-way and one-way Bitcoin machines available in the market, buy accordingly. Bitcoin ATM hardware cost including delivery, taxes, and installation is somewhere in the range of $10,000 to $15,000.

Are you planning to start our own business? Do detailed research online and collect all necessary information about this digital currency before making the purchase. Bitcoin is the next big thing in the financial market, investing in this business can help you get higher returns. Make a brave move and start your own business in this field.










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