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  • August 10, 2017

Finding the best deals on bitcoin mining computer hardware

Bitcoin industry is increasing every day, and it is getting the attention of many enthusiasts. Bitcoin mine is also popular among certain section, and there are popular deals available on bitcoin mining computer hardware. Many online shopping sites are giving exciting deals on these devices; you can find both used and brand new devices at an affordable price range. Bitcoin mine process is fun and profitable if you have cheap electricity. Make sure you get the best mining hardware, and you can start earning huge amounts from the ease of your home. It is important to remember that it is competitive.

Understanding important things

With growing popularity of Bitcoin, many enthusiasts around the world are seen interested in the mining market. Slowly this field is becoming competitive. It is not smart for an average person to get into this field. Because of China’s cheap electricity, it is mostly dominated by users from that part of the world. If you want digital currencies, the best option is to buy it from online portals or traders. Here are some of the compassions of popular hardware available in the market presently:

Miner                                      Hash Power                                  Price                                 

Antminer S5                            1.16 TH/s                                           $139.99

Antminer S7                           4.73 TH/s                                         $489.99

Antminer S9                            14.0 TH/s                                         $3,000

Avalon 6                                  3.50 TH/s                                         $559.95

SP20 Jackson                     1.3-1.7 TH/s                                         $90.00

Antminer R4                            8.6 TH/s                                          $1,000


ASIC Miner

With time it is becoming impossible to profitably mine using your laptop or computer. To carry out the task easier, there are specialized hardware’s coming up in the market named ASICs. Initially, Satoshi planned for Bitcoin to be mined on computer processors. But with time miners discovered that they could get more hashing power by using a graphics card. With time graphics cards were taken over by ASICs also named as Application Specific Integrated Circuits. In the present day time, all serious mining is carried out on dedicated mining hardware in thermally regulated centers with low-cost electricity. Consider these devices are Bitcoin mining computers or Digital currency Generators.

Bitcoin Mining Computer Hardware

Finding the best miner

Planning to buy miner? There are few things to consider when buying Bitcoin ASIC. The most important thing is the hash rate, meaning many hashes are made per second. More the number of hashes per second the price will be more. Look for models that are efficient for the purpose. There are many new brands or models of these devices available in the market, but it is always important to buy ones that are highly efficient. These devices consume an enormous amount of electricity, buy the ones that convert electricity to Bitcoins.

With time these devices are getting popular in many places around the world, find attractive deals online. Popular online shopping portals like Amazon and eBay often give huge discount on these models. Compare feature and specification of different models before making the purchase. If you are curious about mining and want to buy a couple of devices for your home, online is the best source to get decent deals on mining devices.



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