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  • August 10, 2017

Learn the process to buy Bitcoin credit card

Bitcoin is a popular digital currency used by many around the globe. Using this new digital currency, you can buy products or services at any place in the globe in few simple steps. This currency does not exist in any kind of physical form. There are portals and BTM kiosks installed in many popular cities around the globe where you can buy this currency at ease. Users can buy Bitcoin credit card, debit card, hard cash or by PayPal. To make exchanges easy, you can seek the help of traders online. Millions are buying it by these means, and equivalent digital money gets added to wallet instantly.

Is it a convenient option?

Buying Bitcoin is important when you want to use this new digital currency. There are numerous benefits of using these exchanges; it allows you to buy expensive or luxurious items from any part of the globe without paying government taxes. It is a decentralized system which is not controlled by any financial institute or government, making it a perfect choice for all modern day users. Using credit or debit card is a convenient option mainly because these transactions are completed quickly compared to wire or bank transfer. Many individuals are opting to buy exchanges using these means.

Easy processing of payments

Card processing is carried out by popular firms and all it is completely secure. Credit and debit cards are accepted. There are few prepaid, virtual and other cards too accepted for buying of digital currency online. The exchange rate when you are buying the currency will be locked. This means that the buyer will receive the exact amount of digital currency entered at the checkout screen. In such cases, you may get benefitted or incur loss depending on the price of Bitcoin at that moment. There are many traders where you can buy these exchanges using suitable credit or debit cards.

Bitcoin Euro Price Value

Identity verification

For safety and regulation purposes buyer needs to go through a quick process. It is also known as KYC or Know Your Customer process. In this process, you need to enter your first and last name, upload necessary ID documents and enter a phone number. At time buyers needs to go through the same process even if they have verified the account with the service provider. The whole process takes a couple of minute time, and it ensures a safe transaction.

On successful completion of the verification process, payment gets processed within one to two hours’ time normally. There are few exceptional cases where it may take up to 24 hours’ time, indicated by some card processing service providers. Once the payment is reviewed, the buyer will be notified via email and message on your registered mobile number.

This is one of the best ways of buying digital currencies all from the comfort of your home. In most cases, card processing charges are 5%, but it depends on the service provider.  Read all details carefully before buying it for the first time to avoid unwanted charges.

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