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Buy Bitcoins with Debit Card Instantly

  • August 10, 2017

How to buy bitcoins with debit card instantly?

Bitcoin is in the news for a quite long time, but many are still unaware of this new term. It is believed to be the future of online currency, and with passing time it is becoming popular globally. At present this currency is popular in the United States and other European countries. Slowly other nations are also coming up on the map and enthusiasts are eager to use it. It was introduced in the year 2009, and since then it is making new records everywhere. Are you still not confident of using this new currency? Give it a try!

What is it?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency which is different from the traditional banking system. It came into circulation in the year 2009, and since then the graph is increasing exponentially regarding popularity and use. The most exciting thing about this exchange is that it is not dependent on any government or central bank for supply. But its price depends on the level of confidence of users. Many top companies and business groups are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, luring consumers to switch to this new concept. It’s time that you should start investing; it gives you good return possibilities.

Guide to buy bitcoins with debit card instantly

Buying Bitcoin using a debit card is one easy option, and millions are following this technique. This process of buying digital currency using a debit card is not only easy but also faster when compared to wire or bank transfer. There are reputed companies or firms which are carrying out card processing, and it is safe to use these services. Visa, MasterCard, and few prepaid cards are accepted to buy virtual currencies online. The current Bitcoin exchange rate is considered when you are buying with debit cards. Digital currency rates are volatile, and hence you can get benefitted or incur a loss when the amount is locked before buying.

Bitcoin calculator usd

Verification process

For safety purposes, there is a quick verification process followed, also known as KYC. In this process, the buyer needs to enter all necessary details such as name, phone number, email address and upload valid ID documents. The verification process takes few minutes, and the payment is processed within one hour time. In few cases, the process may take 24hours to get reflected on your account. Once the payment is reviewed, the buyer will be notified via email and message.


Using debit cards to buy digital currencies is one fast and easy technique. Card purchases need an extra fee of 5%, but this rate may vary from company to company. All charges are included in the final price displayed to the buyer, and no other charges will be deducted henceforth. For instance, if the amount entered is 0.5 you will be shown the total price as $500.  The debit card will be charged $500, and Bitcoin wallet will be funded with exact 0.5 BTC. All these transactions are carried out in USD if your card is loaded with other exchange bank charges may be applied for conversion.

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