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What can I Buy with Bitcoins

  • August 10, 2017

What can I buy with bitcoins and its purpose?

Bitcoin users are increasing every day, and it is becoming a hot topic of discussion among many around the globe. There are numerous web portals and BTM kiosks coming up where you can buy Bitcoins using hard cash. But the million dollar question is, what can I buy with bitcoins? Many users seem to be concerned and asking this question often. The answer might surprise you, but there are numerous places where this digital currency can be used. Here are few places where you can use Bitcoin to buy any product or services:

Hotel Room

This new digital currency is not meant for buying digital goods or services only. There is chain of hotels around the globe which started accepting bitcoin payments, making it easy for tourist using this new currency. There are many hotel booking sites available to make payments using this exchange. Book your travel plans through digital transactions, and it is accepted in many countries.


Need a convenience to get to the hotel that you just booked with Bitcoin? Don’t worry there are many online portals to book flight tickets using this new currency. There are several California based travel booking sites which allow you to book round trip, one-way trip and multi city trip using this innovation. Isn’t it exciting?

College fees

Not many will believe that college fees can also be paid using this exchange, but it’s true. Many top colleges around the globe started accepting it as a mode of payment for tuition and other academic fees. The first on the list was the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, following that several other universities came up with this brilliant idea. Many colleges and institutions in the United Kingdom are accepting this new mode of payment.

I want to Buy Bitcoins


Yes, you can buy your favorite pizza with Bitcoins. Few online food delivery services allow you to order pizza using this cryptocurrency. Place your order with the portal and make payment using this new model. The website will relay the order to suitable store and help you buy pizza at ease. Sit back and now wait for the pizza to reach your home. These portals are known to work with few local pizza shops, Papa John and Dominos restaurants.

VPN Services

If you are interested in untraceable currency, then it is good to access the internet over VPN that allows you to browse anonymously. VPN is known to encrypt data to protect information over public networks. What’s more interesting about VPN services is that it appears as if the web traffic is coming from various geographical locations thereby helping you to access portals that are not available in your country. Not all VPN services accept this new mode of payment.

Apart from these above services, there are many options available where you can use cryptocurrency for payment purposes. In this age of technology, these services are making it easy for a common individual to make payments in few simple steps.

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