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How easily can you set up Bitcoin ATM Business?

  • November 22, 2017

Are you planning to start Bitcoin ATM business? It is important to know Bitcoin ATM profitability calculations in details before you proceed with the investment. As per our reports, the average fee taken by different Bitcoin operators around the globe is 5.2%, we will take into consideration this as the starting point for total calculation. The Bitcoin transaction fee varies from one ATM provider to another.  Based on the ATM provider there are running fees in addition to one-time ATM purchase expense. For instance, in the case of Robocoin, the operator will have to pay around 1% fees to the ATM provider till there is lifetime license being purchased for a lump-sum.

Bitcoin Mining Computer Hardware

Every Bitcoin investor wants to calculate the return on this investment, and they are often seen asking numerous questions. For your ease, we are coming up with this article which will help you in getting an idea about Bitcoin ATM returns. It is believed that both buy and sell operations are similar and are recorded in the aggregate field: the average transaction size and the transaction number. Many Bitcoin ATM machines are coming up in the market, but not all are supporting two-way operations. With some machines, you will find only buying operation. Both buy and selling operations are different in features. As per Robocoin statistics, one-third of all operations are sold Bitcoin transactions whereas two third are buying operations on an average. Moreover, the average size of all operation varies – average buy is around $480 whereas the average sell is around $750.

With the help of this calculator, we have created three different situations for Bitcoin ATM machines. In all of these cases, we are using 5% as Bitcoin ATM transaction fee. However, you should take into consideration that in reality there are many important factors where operation metrics highly depend, such as traffic to the Bitcoin ATM, the location of the Bitcoin ATM, Country and other details. We are taking into count all necessary metrics, but in some situations, it may be completely different.

Expense of BTM machine

Hardware cost depends immensely on the type of Bitcoin ATM you are using or planning to buy. There is both one-way and two-way Bitcoin ATM machines available in the market, each known to have its unique range of features and benefits. Moreover, with time there are many new brands of Bitcoin ATM machines coming up in the market, the price depends on the model you are buying. The most commonly used Bitcoin ATM machine on the market are Genesis models that come in both one- way $6.8K and two-way $8.9K, Lamassu models that are popular for one-way $6K machines and two-way $11K machines and General Bytes brand with one-way $2.8K and two-way $7K. Apart from these there are many new brands are too coming up in the market but it is worth buying the ones mentioned above.

Apart from the cost of the machine, there are some other things to consider as well. Make sure you check the delivery cost within the US and outside the country (if you are situated outside the US). Some of the Bitcoin ATM machines are known to include the delivery costs within the US making it easy for the operator, for instance, Genesis Coin. If you are looking for affordable and cheaper Bitcoin ATM machines, the best option is to buy General Bytes which is a Czech Republic based company. These Bitcoin ATM machine companies are known to deliver in any place within Europe.

Bitcoin Euro Price Value

It is important to take into count that all international shipping of Bitcoin ATM machine is in the range of $500-1000 interval.

Import duty charges need to be paid on all machines which are imported; it mainly depends on the country. For instance importing Lamassu machine to any operator in the US will incur 0% charge, while for other countries it will be in the range of 10 to 15%.  However, there are some Bitcoin ATM operators including the ones in the US and using Lamassu machine reported that shipping, as well as import tax expenses, reached up to 30% of the original Bitcoin ATM machine price. SO make sure you verify it carefully and buy accordingly. Such charges can increase your total expense, doing a bit of research at the start can be helpful.

Once you are done with the buying process, the next most important thing is the installation of Bitcoin ATM machines. Operator employees can do this installation of Bitcoin ATM machines, or you can hire external companies for carrying out the task at the rate of $2-3K per Bitcoin ATM machine.

Summarizing the Bitcoin ATM machine costs include the price of the machine, delivery of machine to its location, taxes, installation and setting up of the machine in the range of $10-15$K.

BTM machine customization and promotion

Most of the Bitcoin ATM machines are branded with customized wraps that make it look different and unique from other machines available in the market. This is undoubtedly one most important aspect, and it is covered in the section Bitcoin ATM branding. Most operators reported that customer wrap costs around $400-600 per machine every month.

Customization of software is easy, and it is supported by some of the popular manufacturers at the backend. For instance, with Genesis Coin, you can get easy tools to update your User Interface elements and home screen.

Operators get the chance to add all their listings on our website and other various Bitcoin directories for free which will drive traffic to your Bitcoin ATM machines. Using press releases can also be effective and help to pull traffic for your Bitcoin ATM machines. It will cost around $150-300 per release.

What is Cryptocurrency

With Coin ATM Finder you can also use our paid services to promote your Bitcoin ATM machines among dedicated users. Through our unique and effective promotional campaigns, you can help customers find your Bitcoin ATM machines much easily. With us, you can opt for featured operator services that will help to promote your Bitcoin ATM machine services. We are currently charging $50 per month for one operator independent of the number of machines under them. Interestingly with us, operators can also promote their services or Bitcoin ATM machines on all geographical levels using promo campaigns. It will cost around $1 a day per machine.

Selecting Proper BTM location and its expense

Finding a proper location for your bitcoin ATM is another most important task. There are several ideas to rent a location. There are times when you can find a place for free, though it’s every rare, you are lucky you can find one. If any business owner shares the positive view about Bitcoin and wants to spread its adoption, you can easily find a proper location for your Bitcoin ATM machine for free. On the other hand, there are situations when a business owner gets extra traffic and free online publicity because of the bitcoin ATM. These are two common situations where you can get a free location for your Bitcoin ATM machine.

However, there are other renting places too available in the market which depends on the location and space. In most cases, the renting price ranges between $300-700 per month.


The most expensive investments are the installations that are taking place in big shopping malls or outlets, the price ranges around $1-3K. If you are thinking to place banner advertisements and other modes of advertisements around the machine to grab the attention of users, the price will be extra. The benefit of selecting these locations is that you get huge traffic.

Summarizing, the overall cost operators need to pay for rent purposes are $500 monthly on an average per location and $2K if you are opting for any high profile location.

Customer support services

Hosting Bitcoin ATM

It has been mentioned earlier also that the key to any business is maintaining top notch customer support service; with Bitcoin ATM business it holds the same. If you are going to start Bitcoin ATM business then, make sure you have a proper customer support team available all round the clock to help address issues or queries of users. The better the customer support service, the more will your business succeed. There are many operators seen doing this in-house by replying to few emails and at times accepting phone calls. Some are seen hiring external support team for certain time frame to provide fast and reliable support to Bitcoin users. Make sure you have a proper arrangement of 24×7 customer support, this will help Bitcoin users. For this purpose, you must have a dedicated support team, and you need to a lot a budget of $25-35K per year as salary.


With time there are many Bitcoin ATM machines are coming up in prime locations. Many investors are eyeing this business opportunity and coming up with unique ideas. In the last few years, there are plenty of new Bitcoin ATM operators seen coming up in different places, and it shows how this digital currency is becoming popular in many places around the globe. We believe in days to come this figure is just going to increase.

In many popular cities, there are plenty of new Bitcoin ATM machines coming up, something which is helping new Bitcoin users to a great extent. However, there is increased competition in the market and most of these machines now days are located close to each other. This is something which is responsible for decreasing the volume per machine compared to initial volumes. With good promotion and advertisements, you can help your business to grow and connect more users. Make the most of the different social media platforms and other new means of ad campaigns to lure Bitcoin users.

Bitcoin ATMs

We are at the very early stage, and it can be considered as a very good opportunity to help your bitcoin ATM business to grow. Through our platform, you can connect with more number of Bitcoin users around your place. Sometimes making your ATM profitable should not be the main goal, with our services you can promote and advertise your Bitcoin ATMs effectively. Compared to other Bitcoin ATM promotional services it is relevantly a very small investment which can help increase the traffic for your business.

Make the most of this new platform and give maximum exposure to your Bitcoin ATM business. With time we are trying all means to help your Bitcoin ATM business to grow and reach out more number of audiences around any particular location.

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