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General Bytes Bitcoin ATM: Review and Features

  • November 20, 2017

Seeing the craze and demand for Bitcoin currency, many new Bitcoin ATM manufacturers are coming up around the world. At present, there are many new Bitcoin ATM manufacturers available, but very few are popular, General Bytes is one in the list. General Bytes is a popular Czech company which is known to manufacture General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine, and this model is widely used in many parts. In this particular post, we will review some key features and specialties of this Bitcoin ATM machine.

Buying Cryptocurrency Process

This BTM machine supports various types of cryptocurrencies, for instance, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. Apart from that, there is an extensible API which can be used to add other cryptocurrencies at ease.

Many smart features are coming up with this General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine, making it an ideal choice for users. Conveniences of buying cryptocurrencies make it popular in the market. Purchase of Bitcoins can be done to existing wallets using the QR code, apart from that you can purchase using your email address too. In this particular case, all necessary information will be sent to your email address in an encrypted form.

General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine supports both buying and selling. For Bitcoin sellers there is a convenience, users can sale from the exchange or sale from the wallet at ease. It effectively eliminates the volatility risk. Some of the supported exchanges are and Supported wallets are Bitcoind, Litecoind, Blockchain’s My Wallet, Dogecoind,, and

Innovative Remote Management System

Not many operators thing about this particular feature when they are buying General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine, but with time they will realize the importance of remote management. Many investors start feeling the need of remote management when they start operating the machine. If Bitcoin operators are planning to use more than one machine, in such cases remote management is a must.

Bitcoin Transaction

Every Bitcoin operator needs to understand the fact that Bitcoin ATM machines are not about one-time investment. On time-to-time, basis maintenance costs plays and important role and hence you need to consider it while buying General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine. Having remote management can lower your Bitcoin machine maintenance cost dramatically.


General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine is popular among many operators for its reasonable price compared to other manufacturers in the market. One-way BATMTwo machine costs around $2849 with free shipping facility. What’s more interesting about General Bytes Bitcoin ATM unit is that it is more solid and reminds more of Lamassu Bitcoin machines.


Here are some of the key features of General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine:

  • General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine is a one-way device
  • This model is among the cheapest in the market priced at 2850 USD
  • General Bytes Bitcoin ATM sells coins from exchange or wallet
  • This device can be remotely upgradable and manageable
  • Feature multi lingual languages such as English, Hrvatski, Italiano, Česky, Deutsch, Pусский, Slovenčina, Español, Français, Polski,中国的 and Nederland
  • General Bytes Bitcoin ATM model is point of sale integrated
  • The model supports different currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin
  • Fiat multi currency with more than 120 which includes USD, EUR and much more
  • General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine is KYC/AML integrated

Unique POS feature

General Bytes Bitcoin ATM supports POS functionality by default. As per this particular feature if you install General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine in restaurant, shop or another location it can start accepting all cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Users don’t have to buy any hardware of software integrated with third party services. Isn’t it easy and beneficial?

KYC/AML features

General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machine hardware, as well as software, supports the following ways of customer identification, Fingerprint scanning, Scanning ID documents and By SMS.


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