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Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM: Review and Features

  • November 20, 2017

There are many popular Bitcoin ATM machines available in the market, and each is known to have its own features and specialties. To be exact, there are around 30 different Bitcoin ATM providers on the market. As the Bitcoin ATM business is growing at a rapid pace, many new names or brands are coming up with whole new features and specialties. With all these diversities it is becoming quite tough on the part of operators to select that best Bitcoin ATM as per their need when you are planning to start a new Bitcoin ATM venture.

We are covering details about all Bitcoin ATM types alongside its advantages, characteristics and weak points. These particular details will help you to select the right Bitcoin machine for your business. In this particular section, we are coming up with San Diego based Bitcoin ATM Company Genesis Coin. Here in this article, we will find out why it is worthy to buy Genesis1.

Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM

Genesis Coin initially came up with only one product on the market named two-way Bitcoin ATM machine named Genesis1, and it is successful enough for grabbing the attention of many Bitcoin users around the globe. Seeing the popularity of this model makers are coming up with a one-way machine named Satoshi1 which is equally popular in many places.


Genesis1 is a popular Bitcoin ATM, which is similar to all traditional bank ATMs available in many places around the world. Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM is installed in many locations around the world, and many operators favor it for its unique features and specialties. The Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM hardware features cash dispensing cassette, dedicated barcode scanner, note cash acceptance magazine, EMV enabled card reader and UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Apart from these features you can also add Bulk note cash feeder, additional cash cassettes and Fingerprint scanner with this model as per your need.

This Bitcoin ATM machine is a two-way machine which can be used for buying as well as selling Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies at ease. There are many popular videos available online which shows how you can use this Bitcoin machine to buy as well as sell Bitcoin machine. There come 46 note capacity loads at once with the system. For this particular feature, you need to add extra $2,000 to the overall price. This machine works really fast and is worth a buy.


The price of this Bitcoin ATM varies based on the feature you are looking to include. This two-way Genesis model costs around $14,500, which include free shipping, but excludes import duties and VAT. One of its close competitor Robocoin model costs around $15,000 with all necessary set up.  This particular Bitcoin machine comes with 13 months guarantee. For any problem, you can reach out the manufacturer, and they will address all issues or complications in quickest possible time.

Different Crypto currencies

What makes this particular model different from other Bitcoin ATM machines in the market is that it supports all the biggest number of crypto currencies in the world. This BTM machine can be used to buy different cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, XCurrency and Blackcoin.

Other Features

Genesis1 Bitcoin machine allows supplying liquidity through wallet or exchanges. The back office supports integration with the main Bitcoin exchanges. For withdrawal operations, there are instant withdrawal options set up under a particular threshold. There can be notifications set up in case there is a low liquidity or hardware issue.

Another specialty of this particular Bitcoin ATM software is that it comes with lifetime free updates making it easy for all operators to run the system.

Genesis Coin machine, as well as platform, is known to be one brand in this Bitcoin ATM machine business, which offers some unique features. No other manufacturer in the market will allow operators to customize the user interface as per their requirement. But with Genesis Coin machines you can customize it as per your need and business requirements, an ideal choice for operators who want to set up their own brand.

Apart from that Genesis Coin machines are favored by most operators around the globe, and according to many, there is no hassle of installation or delivery of this Bitcoin ATMs. These Bitcoin machines are always in stock, and you can order it anytime and set up your business in quickest possible time. For any further details regarding the best Bitcoin machine for your need, you can reach out the team at



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