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Importance of Developing Bitcoin ATM Brand

  • November 20, 2017

Bitcoin ATM business is evolving in all popular cities around the globe, and many new investors have unique ideas and strategies. To stand out and get the attention of users it is important to brand and promote your business among dedicated users. Many new tricks are coming up in the market which can help your Bitcoin ATM machines become popular and get more volume of transactions. The craze of Bitcoin is such that every day its transactions are increasing in every part of the globe. Seeing the demand, there are new Bitcoin ATM machines installed somewhere in the world. With so many Bitcoin ATM machines around there are huge competition and there where it is necessary to brand Bitcoin ATMs to get the attention to users.

Interesting facts

Almost every day there are new Bitcoin ATM machines installed in popular cities around the world. Most of the locations are in the United States, and half the percentage of Bitcoin ATMs are concentrating around the US only. Though European countries are also coming up with several Bitcoin ATM machines but the US is topping the chart based on the number of Bitcoin ATM machines. The concentration of Bitcoin ATMs take place on the basis of two levels: Operator level (where some big investors are coming on the market having a huge number of Bitcoin ATM machines installed) and geographical level (where Bitcoin ATM locations are not evenly distributed with peak number in some cities).

Bitcoin ATM Map

Both of these trends are interrelated as the same Bitcoin ATM operator may want to install machines in locations where the owners or company is located. However, there are many Bitcoin operators having nationwide networking or even worldwide network of Bitcoin ATMs.

Why distinguish machines from competitors?

Seeing the demand, there are many Bitcoin operators coming up in the market, and they are installing latest models popular locations around the country. This is increasing the competition in many places, and hence it is becoming important for Bitcoin ATM operators to distinguish their BTMs from competitors. There are many reasons for distinguishing your machine, but the main ones are pointed below:

  • As a Bitcoin operator, you want users who had good experience of transacting or using your Bitcoin machines associated with your brand. Alongside you don’t want any bad experiences of using other Bitcoin ATMs to be incorrectly connected to your business.
  • As a Bitcoin operator, you may run few campaigns such as discounted fees or rates for VIP customers. In such cases, you would like to have an easy way for all users to detect where all Bitcoin ATM machines are located.

Branding is becoming one most important thing in present day time. It is important because several types of Bitcoin ATMs are used all over the market. For instance, Genesis Coin Bitcoin machines have around 30 percent of total market share and about 50 percent share in the United States.

Learn how to brand your Bitcoin ATM machines

There are several ways of branding Bitcoin ATM machines, here are some of them:

Customizing Bitcoin ATM machines

This is the most common techniques used to brand Bitcoin ATM machines. The look of your Bitcoin ATM machines can help your brand to grow and try to custom wrap these Bitcoin ATM machines using your brand images or designs. There are various new ways of designing your Bitcoin ATM machine, but customer wrapping is one which will make these machines look different and also help in creating your own brand image.

Bitcoin ATM brand

In present day market, almost similar Bitcoin ATM machines are installed in all locations, unless you single out from the mass it is tough to get the attention. There is huge competition in the market and branding your Bitcoin ATM machines is quite important to lure more users.

For all Bitcoin ATM machines installed in different locations trying to use customized wraps or stickers similar to your brand logo. Customizing these machines makes it unique and helps users to get a different feel. Most of the Genesis Coin models support white labeling of the machines; you can customize the model using different stickers or logos. There are many custom wrapped machines available in the market which looks stylish and unique. Try this with your Bitcoin machines and develop a brand of your own.

Customizing the User Interface

This is another interesting part of Bitcoin ATM machine design which can be considered with operator’s branding. As it has been mentioned before that Genesis Coin provides white-labelling, it means operators can start changing the startup screen designs and other user interface elements with standard settings. This will help you to make the machine look different and brand new. Change user interface elements alongside standard settings within the back office of the machine. This will help you give different styled screens for your Bitcoin machines making it look unique and attractive.

However using different styled start up screens will make your Bitcoin machines look different but it will create some confusion among few customers. Often they come across similar machines, but in your case, it may look different leading to confusion. In such cases, they need to seek operator help to make transactions. It is good to use a custom wrap for branding purposes, changing the startup screen and other settings may complicate things for some users. Adding customer wrap will give your machine a unique identity, and it is easy to use.

Bitcoin ATM brand

Lamassu is a popular Bitcoin ATM machine, and it is installed in many places around the globe. The specialty of this Bitcoin machine is that it provides software with an open-source code. This means it can be adjusted as well as customized by the operator in whatever direction necessary.  Many operators took up this opportunity, and they changed the startup screen UI designs for their machines. One of the common examples is Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM which comes with a screen which is customized with Tyson’s tattoo. This is branding, and it gives your Bitcoin ATM machines a whole new look.

With General Bytes Bitcoin ATM machines it was very tough to find customized screens. There was only one example found where it not really a customized screen, but company logo added on the startup screen. This is definitely better from a branding point of view and will make your machines look different from competitor ones.

Promoting Via Social Networking Sites

Another most effective way of creating your brand is through social networking platforms. There is no doubt the fact that social networking platforms help every business to reach out wide audience in quickest possible manner, use it to promote and create your Bitcoin ATM brand. One best way to promote your brand through these platforms is to have similar and consistent social accounts as well as websites. There are numerous examples available how brand recognition can be built and supported via all popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ account.

Bitcoin ATM brand

When customers visit these portals or sites, they can easily associate with the brand and guess its online presence. This will help in creating a good image about the brand, and they will use these Bitcoin ATM machines in days to come for all kind of transactions. In present day time, almost every individual has social networking accounts, and this makes it easier for them to get all latest updates and information about popular brands. Promoting your business over these popular networking portals will help in bringing more followers in popular social networking account and slowly help in connecting with more audiences from around the globe. This helps in increasing business and reaching out broader audience.

Bottom line

Having your unique Bitcoin ATM brand is important, and it will help your business stand out from fellow competitors in the market. With time Bitcoin ATM business is becoming competitive as more investors are coming up unless you try new means to stand out from the crowd it is tough to grow your business. Follow all these above mentioned Bitcoin ATM brand developing techniques and reach out broader audience.

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