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Locating Bitcoin ATM nearby using Map

  • July 25, 2017

With time Bitcoin is becoming popular in many places around the globe, to make things easier for Bitcoin users we are bringing something unique. Use our Bitcoin ATM map and locate all Bitcoin ATM machines around the country at ease. This helps you to save time and find every detail about the Bitcoin ATM machine. As you all know, a bitcoin ATM machine lets you buy and sell Bitcoin using any currency. Bitcoin ATM machines are quite similar to traditional bank ATMs where you collect cash after inserting the debit card. With Bitcoin ATM machines you can submit cash and accordingly collect Bitcoins from the machine.

Some Bitcoin ATM machines work the opposite way: you can send Bitcoin currencies to the machine and in turn receive cash.

Bitcoin ATM

Another tool which is becoming popular among Bitcoin users around the globe is Bitcoin debit card. This new Bitcoin debit card helps you to load sufficient Bitcoin funds and carry out transactions with ease. Are you getting free bitcoins? This is one best way of spending it!

Using Bitcoin ATMs

There are numerous ways of buying Bitcoin ATMs, and all these are making it easy for Bitcoin users to carry out transaction anytime and from any place. Bitcoin ATM machines are becoming popular in many places it comes with a huge number of advantages. When it comes to buying of Bitcoins, the most preferred method is Bitcoin ATMs. These BTM kiosks are installed in many places around the globe, and you can locate it from our online portal. To use Bitcoin ATMs, you don’t have to enter any personal information. Isn’t it easy to use?

All you need to start is a Bitcoin wallet or an address and some cash to buy this new currency. Compare this to exchanges, which should comply with AML and KYC laws and need pictures of your ID and personal details.

Ease of using Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are all easy to use, and many installations are coming up in popular places around the globe. Bitcoin ATM machines make buying and selling of Bitcoin easy for first-time buyers too. Most modern day individuals are familiar with cash transaction from traditional ATMs, and this is what makes Bitcoin ATMs popular around the globe. Insert cash into a nearby Bitcoin machine and get Bitcoins in few seconds time, what can get simpler than this?

Bitcoin ATM

Locating Bitcoin ATM

To make things easier for all Bitcoin users we have designed smartphone app for both Android and iOS operating systems. Apart from that, you can also visit our portal to locate Bitcoin ATM machines nearby. If you are lucky enough, you can easily locate BTM kiosks in your city and use it to buy or sell Bitcoin at ease.

Cons of Using Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM machines are now available in many developing as well as developed nations around the world; millions are using it to buy or sell Bitcoins. One problem with this modern day Bitcoin ATM kiosks is that they are charging 5 to 10 percent as fees. Most traditional banking ATM machines are deducting some percentage for transactions too, same with Bitcoin ATM machines too. But there are some BTM kiosks installed in popular cities with zero transaction fees. Locate such Bitcoin machines and carry out the transaction for free. However paying some percentage as a fee is not a big deal when you are getting the ease of buying Bitcoins privately. What you have to say?

Bitcoin ATM

Using our Bitcoin ATM map to locate local Bitcoin ATMs

Are you tired of locating Bitcoin ATM machines nearby? We at Coin ATM Finder came up with this unique idea to help you locate Bitcoin ATM machines at ease. Through our Bitcoin ATM map, you can easily locate Bitcoin ATMs around any location at ease. Users need to enter the name of the location, and you will get a complete list of ATMs in that area.

To make things further easier, we have launched our smartphone app for both Android and iOS platforms. Use it to locate Bitcoin ATM machines nearby and save your precious time and effort. Click on the map marker icon for any particular Bitcoin ATM, and you will get every detail about that machine. Users can find detailed information about ATM fees, an exact location of the machine, opening hours and transaction limit.

Buying Bitcoins from Bitcoin ATM

Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoins from any Bitcoin ATM is very simple, and it takes few minutes time. If you are aware of traditional bank ATMs, using Bitcoin ATM is a cake walk for you. All you need is Bitcoin address and cash to start the transaction. However, it is important to note that Bitcoin ATM withdrawal steps may vary from manufacture to manufacture. Many popular Bitcoin ATM manufacturers are coming up, and you can check our blog section for more details on popular Bitcoin ATM buying options.

Visit our CoinATMFinder site or download our app to locate Bitcoin ATM machines around your place in few simple clicks. Locating BTM kiosks with all details was never easy, hope our portal helps you save time and effort. We are in constant efforts to help you carry out Bitcoin transactions easily.

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