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Locating Bitcoin ATM Using Coin ATM Finder APP

  • November 20, 2017

The popularity and craze for Bitcoin currency are increasing with passing time, and this is the reason why you can find so many Bitcoin ATM machines around the world. To be exact, there are around 1237 Bitcoin ATM machines installed around the globe as of June 2017. This figure is impressive when you are just 2 years old. Bitcoin ATM was launched in the market couple of years back, and in this short span of time, its network is increasing around the globe. Most Bitcoin ATM machines are found in North America and Canada, almost 75 percent of the total count.

Bitcoin Volatility

Finding Bitcoin ATM machines around these places can be really tough and to help you we came up with a unique solution. Coin ATM Finder launched Bitcoin ATM app using which you can locate Bitcoin ATM machines near to your place. This is a smart app which can be used for all mobile platforms. For those who find it tough to locate Bitcoin ATM machines near to your place, use our nice Android and iOS app to find Bitcoin ATM locations. This mobile app is easy to use, and it can be installed in few simple taps.

We have a dedicated team working on the app, and constant updates are coming up to improve our services. With this mobile app, you can find all latest Bitcoin ATM locations and user reviews in one place. New updates help in improving your user experience, install it today and locate Bitcoin ATM machines around any place at ease.

How to use the APP?

Bitcoin calculator usd

Many features are coming up with the mobile app. Here are some important things to know before using the app:

  • Buying Bitcoins: No matter you are willing to buy or sell Bitcoins; you can define that at the very top and accordingly look for suitable Bitcoin ATMs. This filter option applies with Bitcoin map, and accordingly, you get a list of BTM kiosks with that option.
  • Finding the right location: With our mobile app other filter options are coming up which helps you to search for the right Bitcoin ATM matching your need. There you can select buy or sell option for Bitcoin using cash. This particular filter option helps the user interface to navigate over locations at ease. Presently there are many locations added up in the map, with the right filter options you can find or locate the right Bitcoin ATM as per your need.
  • Locating nearby BTM: Another most interesting thing about our Bitcoin mobile app is that it will help you to detect closest of Bitcoin ATM locations near to your place. Based on your current location the app will look for locations and start searching all nearby BTM kiosks. At any point, you can change the location and look for BTM kiosks near to that place. Isn’t it an easy option for all Bitcoin users?
  • Performance: There are numerous Bitcoin ATM machines located around the market and to make it easy for you, we are improving some of the features. Our team improved the clustering process performance for a whole new experience.

Download our mobile app today and enjoy locating Bitcoin ATM machines within few simple taps.

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