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How to use a Bitcoin ATM

  • August 10, 2017

Learning how to use a bitcoin atm

Since the inception of digital currency in the year 2009, many things have changed these days making it the best digital currency in present day time. BTM ATM machines are coming up in popular cities around the globe, grabbing the attention of millions of enthusiasts. These BTM kiosks are helping enthusiasts to make transactions anytime and from any place. Use mobile apps to locate BTM kiosks nearby and transact as per your need. 2013 was the year of cryptocurrency, and since then it is making news all over the globe. From famous Bitcoin to the silly Dogecoin, millions are using it to make transactions online and offline.

Virtual currency market

In the past few years the virtual currency market is reaching new heights, all because of its acceptance in every section of the market. Among all these digital currencies, Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency in present day market which is used by merchants and consumers. All scale of business groups seems to prefer this new mode of payment. There were few initial setbacks at the start of 2014, the digital currency market still prevailed. Over these years this currency was successful enough in getting the attention of enthusiasts from around the world, and its value is stable at around $2800.

How to use a bitcoin atm?

Bitcoin is convenient and easy to use. It is quite obvious why top businesses around the world started accepting bitcoins as a valid payment option for all transactions. To make things easy, there are new “BTM” devices coming up around popular places. These devices are similar to traditional bank ATMs giving every modern day individual the option to buy or sell digital currencies at ease. With few simple clicks of a button, you can buy or sell Bitcoin, making it easy for all tech savvy enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Price in India

What is a BTM machine?

Bitcoin ATM machine is a device which allows people to buy digital currencies using hard cash. Some of these machines allow individuals to sell Bitcoins for cash, but these machines are very tough to come by. It was in the year 2013 when the first BTM machine as opened in a Coffee Shop, Canada. Since its installation 4 years passed and in this span of time around 1200 BTM kiosks were installed around the world. This device is known to have a cash dispensary, a scanner and a computer system to manage all transactions.

How to Use these Machines?

Using these BTM kiosks are easy. First, you need to open the QR code for the Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone. Run the QR code under the BTM machine scanner. Now enter the amount of money to be exchanged for digital currencies. Wait for few seconds to process the transaction, once completed the machine will give out a confirmation. Check with your digital wallet to confirm whether the transaction is processed or not. These machines are user-friendly and intuitive to use. The numbers of BTM kiosks are expected to increase in coming years’ time drastically.

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