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Bitcoin ATM Industry Charts and Statistics

On this particular page or section, we will help our readers to find updated information about Bitcoin ATMs installed all around the globe till date. In this section, we will help you learn about growing popularity of Bitcoin ATM in different places, key information, and statistics from the world of this digital currency. Our team tried all means to bring for you updated and all latest information about Bitcoin ATMs from different manufacturers. You can find information about Bitcoin ATMs in various geographical locations in this section.

Bitcoin ATM average fees

This will help you know about the average fee charged by different Bitcoin operators around the globe. With time many Bitcoin ATM operators are coming up in different places, each one is known to charge differently. The rate for Bitcoin ATMs is calculated separately for both buying as well as selling operations. 

Bitcoin Average Price Index calculates this Bitcoin ATM fee in different currencies, and it may not necessarily represent the Bitcoin ATM fee size which is announced by the operator.

As per our data:

Total number of Bitcoin ATMs: 1251

Average fee: 9.16% *

*This rate is calculated by 847 Bitcoin machines that are known to support buy operations and 312 ATM machines that are supporting sell operations in different places.

Average buying fee of Bitcoin: 10.46%

Average buying fee of Bitcoin: 5.63%


Bitcoin ATM by cryptocurrency

This particular figure here shows the share of different cryptocurrency ATMs by the support of different altcoins. Machines need to have buy or sell cryptocurrency option to be counted.

Total number of Bitcoin ATMs: 1251 (100%)

Total number of Bitcoin ATMs with altcoins support: 42 (3.4%)

Total number of Litecoin ATMs: 34 (2.7%)

Total number of Ether ATMs: 11 (0.9%)

Total number of Dash ATMs: 6 (0.5%)

Total number of Dogecoin ATMs: 5 (0.4%)


Total number of Bitcoin ATMs installed over these years

In this section, we will help our readers to understand about the growing demand of Bitcoin ATMs in different places around the globe over the years. Since its inception in the year 2014, there are around 1251 Bitcoin ATMs installed in various locations around the world. In the past two years, the demand seems to increase; hence more number of Bitcoin ATMs are coming up in the market.

As per our data:

January 2014: 4 Bitcoin ATMs

January 2015: 327 Bitcoin ATMs

January 2016: 504 Bitcoin ATMs

January 2017: 949 Bitcoin ATMs

Seeing the trend over the years, it is quite clear that the demand is increasing in different places and by the end of this year, we can expect around 1600 Bitcoin ATMs installed around the globe.


Bitcoin ATM Installation Speed

This particular section shows the Bitcoin ATM installation speed in different places around the globe. Based on all information and details collected by our team we found that 2.58 Bitcoin ATMs are installed per day. The mentioned speed is based on last 7 days information available with us. We expect in coming days' time this speed to increase considerably.


Share of Bitcoin ATM Market

In this section, we are showing the share of different Bitcoin ATMs in the market. There are several Bitcoin manufacturers available in the market, and each is known to have popularity. Based on all information about different Bitcoin ATM machines around the globe we found the following:

Genesis Coin: 48.36%

General Bytes: 17.91%

Lamassu: 17.91%

Other: 5.76%

BitAccess: 4.00%

BitXatm: 2.56%

BTC facil: 1.84%

Skyhook: 1.68%


Bitcoin ATMs by different Continents

In this section, we will help our readers to understand about the percentage share of Bitcoin ATMs in different continents around the globe.

North America: 75.30%

Europe: 19.58%

Asia: 3.36%

Oceania: 1.60%

South America: 0.16%


Bitcoin ATMs by Country

This figure will help you know about the number of Bitcoin ATMs installed in various countries around the globe. Interestingly as per figures, United States is leading by a huge margin in terms of the number of Bitcoin ATMs around when compared to other countries. Though we believe slowly, Bitcoin currency is increasing in other places too, and in coming days' time, the figure will increase for sure.

United States: 768

Canada: 165

United Kingdom: 68

Spain: 32

Austria: 25

Finland: 21

Switzerland: 18

Czech Republic: 16

Japan: 15

Australia: 15

Slovenia: 8

Italy: 7

Netherlands: 7

Slovakia: 6

Romania: 5

Hong Kong: 5

Dominican Republic: 4

Belgium: 4

Macau: 4

Indonesia: 3

Serbia: 3

Croatia: 3

Denmark: 3

Mexico: 3

China: 2

New Zealand: 2

Malaysia: 2

South Korea: 2

Israel: 2

Singapore: 2

Bulgaria: 2

Estonia: 2

Greece: 2

Poland: 2

Vietnam: 2

France: 2


One-Way versus Two-Way Bitcoin ATMs

These are two types of Bitcoin ATMs found in the market, and each is known to come with unique features and specialties. In previous articles, we discussed both of these two Bitcoin ATMs.

Two-Way: 33.41%

One-Way: 66.59%


These are some important figures from the world of Bitcoin and based on any new changes or updates we will keep modifying it for your ease.

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