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Welcome to coinatmfinder.com

  • Coin ATM Finder site is meant for informational purposes only; we don't urge any of our visitors to use this site for any investment purposes.
  • Terms like "we," "our" and "us" refers to the Website owner, operator or anyone on behalf of the site. The term "you" on the website refers to all the customers visiting the website, related to the website by any means and to the ones who are contributing to the website's content.
  • All visitors or customers of this site should abide by all rules and regulations set by the website owner or operator. By accessing any of the services or using the website in any manner, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. We urge all visitors or customers to read these terms and conditions carefully. If by any chance you are not satisfied by our terms or don't accept any of these points, please do not use the website.
  • We urge all our customers and visitors to keep checking these terms and conditions page on a regular basis if something new is updated. We reserve the right to make modification or changes to the website content or terms and conditions at any point without giving prior notification. If you are using our website, we will consider that you are accepting all our modified or updated terms and conditions.

Use of the website

  • This site should be used only for personal and private purposes. None of the website details or its contents should be used commercially unless there is any written agreement from our team or website owner.
  • We urge our customers or website visitors not to misuse any of our services. For instance, don't try to access any of our services using methods expect the interface as well as the instructions that are provided by us.
  • We or our website uses cookies. By using our website and abiding by these terms of use, you agree to our website's use of cookies.

User content

  • We allow our readers or website visitors to submit or post comments on various places within the website. We assume it is your sole responsibility for any of the contents and consequences of posting the comment or content.
  • Contents, comments or posts submitted by any user do not reflect the view of the website or website owner. All details or information published on the website does not warrant its reliability, validity, legality, accuracy or whether it is up-to-date or not.

Prohibited activities

All website information and content (including, but not limited to text, date, graphics, photos, video, etc.) published is copyrighted to us. We urge our website visitors or customer not to distribute, modify, copy, display, transmit, reproduce, perform, license, publish, create copied works from sell, transfer, resell or make any unauthorized use except for private reading purposes. Alongside all these you also agree not to:

  • Using the website or its contents for any kind of commercial purposes
  • Monitoring, accessing or copying any part of the content or information from the website using robots, spiders, scrapers or any other automated means or by any other manual process for purposes without taking written permission from our team or website owner
  • "Mirror," "frame" or otherwise use any portion of the website information into any other website without taking prior permission from our team or website owner in written form
  • Infringe or diminish copyrighted rights of others or us, including but not limited to trademarks and copyrights
  • Adding information or content thereby risking to some individual's privacy, security or safety
  • Adding any website content from another person without obtaining his or her consent of their personally identifiable information
  • Adding any website content or personal information or their contact information and address without taking their consent
  • Adding contents or posts that are defamatory, unlawful, invade or libelous to the privacy of others or other websites
  • Adding contents or posts which are offensive, vulgar, threatening or harassing by any means
  • Adding contents or posts which are characterized or the one that encourages racism or illegally discriminates someone or individual by origin, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, occupation, gender, illness, mental disability, sexual orientation, physical disability, political view, faith or socio-economical class
  • Adding contents or posts which is considered to be criminal offense or encourages any conduct of criminal offense or gives rise to any civil liability or another lawsuit
  • Adding contents or posts which are promoting pyramid schemes, disruptive advertisements or commercial messages, or any other posts or contents that are completely prohibited by the law or under these terms and conditions
  • Adding contents or posts which are containing any political campaigning information or details, promotional materials, contest, solicitations, raffles or advertisements
  • Adding contents or posts which contain corrupted data, file or information, viruses or any harmful materials, destructive or disruptive files
  • Adding contents or posts which are falsely implied or expressed that such information or content is being endorsed or sponsored by our website
  • Adding contents or posts which is in our sole judgement * violates any of the previous subsections herein, *which inhibits or restricts any other individual from enjoying or using the website * which may expose our website, users, our affiliates or any individual or groups related to use to any kind of liability or harm or any type or * is objectionable
  • We take no responsibility or assume no liability for any of the contents posted, uploaded or stored by you or any other third party, for any kind of damage or loss
  • We are not liable for any defamation, mistakes, libel, slander, obscenity, profanity, pornography falsehoods or any other kind of objectionable contents or posts you may encounter
  • As a provider of this website, we are not liable for any representations, statements or contents provided by any others users on the website. Even though we don't have any obligation to edit, screen or monitor any contents posted or distributed on the website, we, however, reserve the right to examine or check every details of the content before or after publication or prevent publication of contents that are inappropriate or in other means have inadequate information or erroneous. We hold the right to remove any content after its publication if we find it not fit or ideal for our website. We may make modifications or even remove the content even though the content is not breaching any of the terms and conditions. Normally we don't do such changes and do that only in rarest of rare cases.
  • We urge all our visitors to inform our team if you are aware of any infringement of either our brand or your brand by any means. Feel free to mail us all details; our team will do the necessary as early as possible.
  • Any use of our website in violation of the previous violates terms and conditions, which may result in suspension or termination of all your rights to use the portal or to respond after that

Payment for any of our services and restricted services

  • At any point of time we hold the right to turn any part or services on the website to a paid service, therefore restrict some areas of the portal unless some nominal fee (which will be detailed on the website) is paid to us.
  • We hold the right to restrict access to some areas of the portal or the whole website at any point of time at our discretion.

Copyright and intellectual property

  • All the intellectual property rights to and in the website, including texts, articles, graphics and all work such as trademarks, copyrights, etc. are the exclusive property of our website or website operator and licensed to us. This site is protected by Copyright Protection Act or by all provisions prescribed by relevant law.
  • Distributing, copying, offering to the public or any other individual, publicly displaying, modifying, processing, transferring to the public or an individual, adapting, creating derivative works, leasing, processing, selling or using any of our website content and details by any other way except for private review without any prior written permission from our team or Website owner is strictly forbidden.

Limitation of liability and warranty

  • There are many information and details published on the website, some of the website contents, products, services and other information published in the portal may include errors or inaccuracies. We don't guarantee the accuracy of any details or content published in the portal. We are not responsible by any means for any inaccuracies or errors related to the information as well as descriptions displayed in the portal. All such omissions and errors are inherent to any community-based services which operate on information or deals provided by them or on user's posts. We are providing various information related to the topic Bitcoin and its use, all these details are offered by "as-is, " and it should be used only for general reading purposes (especially you should not consider it to invest on Bitcoins based on any of this information or details provided herein).
  • We in this website make no representations regarding the suitability of the information, Data, Products, Content, and services published or shared on the internet site for any purpose. None of the products, services, inclusion or offerings on the website constitute any recommendation or endorsement by us. All details and content shared on the website are by "as-is" and "as available" without any warranty. We disclaim any kind of warranties as well as conditions that the Website, any of it Servers or Email sent from us, all these are free of harmful components or viruses. We disclaim all warranties as well as conditions on the software, information, works, products, data, and services, including all implied warranties as well as conditions of fitness, merchantability for any particular purpose, non-infringement, and title.
  • By no means shall we (our team members, website owner, officers, affiliates and directors) be responsible for any direct, indirect, related, vindictive, consequential or special damages arising out of, or by any means connected with, use of the website or display, inability to access, delay of any services (also includes but not limited to your opinions based on the website, any kind of computer viruses, software, information, products, linked sites as well as services obtained from the website) whether based on any theory of contract, negligence, strict liability, tort or otherwise. 
  • In addition and without derogating from the mentioned clause, we won't be liable for any form of charge or liability which arises from your reliance or in connection with the use of any content of commercial information which is posted on the website.
  • The limitation of liability portrays the allocation of risk involved between the parties. All the limitations specified in this particular section will survive and apply if any limited remedy is specified in these terms and conditions found to have failed of its necessary purpose.

Commercial information and links in the software

  • We may incorporate in any kind of website advertisements or information which is commercial in nature. Such sources of information may originate from our team or any third parties. We can't assure or guarantee you of its accuracy or reliability. It is highlighted that the publishing or advertising of any commercial content by us does not constitute any recommendation or encouragement of any kind to buy or attain the services or goods advertised.
  • We have in our website numerous links to applications or services which is note operated or managed by our team, in such cases we are not liable for any forms of complicacy or problem arising from your reliance on, or in connection with, the contents of these applications as well as services or any information provided by them. These may include but not limited to problems or issues because of correctness, accuracy, completeness or it being up-to-date. Coin ATM Finder can't be held responsible for any direct or indirect monetary, damage or otherwise which arises from your use of any services or products or because of your reliance on the contents of the services accessed via links provided on our website.

Modifications to the website

  • We hold the right to modify, change or adapt any part of the content anytime. Based on new services, products or changes we may need to bring certain changes to the content of our website, in such cases, you will have no complaint, claim or demand against us for applying those changes. We always believe in updating our services and products as per the need and often make changes to our website content to help you provide latest information or details.

Termination of service

  • You may terminate using our website at any point of time and for any possible reason. You are not obligated to advise our website owner or us of such termination.
  • We hold the right or terminating the provision of the Portal at any point of time in its whole or any part, permanently or temporarily, at our sole decision.

Governing law as well as jurisdiction

  • These terms and conditions will be all governed by the laws of our country. Any claim, dispute or controversy arising in connection with, out of or related to any of these terms and conditions of our Website or any of its content by any means will be under the authority of the competent court in our country.


  • If at any stage you desire to file any case of action against us our website, arising from any problem or issues relating to your access or use of the website, you should do that within a year from the day when you become aware of any such cause of action. By chance you fail to file a lawsuit within the mentioned timeframe will bring out permanent barring of the reason of action, limit the claim and will constitute you final and complete aver of the lawsuit.

Complete terms

  • All these conditions alongside our Privacy Policy shall constitute the complete and entire terms and conditions between you and use regarding the use of the portal.
  • If it certain point any part of these terms and conditions determined to be unenforceable or invalid pursuant to appropriate law which includes but not limited to the liability limitations and warranty disclaimers that are set forth above, in such case the unenforceable or the invalid provision will be deemed outdated by an enforceable and valid provision which quite closely matches to the intent of the original provision as well as the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions shall continue.


  • We may sub-contract, transfer or otherwise deal with our obligations and/or rights under these terms and conditions of use without giving any prior notification to any of our website visitors or customers. Furthermore, any database or Content related to the website may be transferred to any third party as per our choice. By your use of the portal, you should agree to that third party transfer.

Contact us

We at coinatmfinder.com is always there to help you, for any of your concerns or equerries you can reach out our team. For any questions regarding our services and website can be asked. We will try all means to address all your queries in quickest possible time.

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